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Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers Lautsprecher Silber

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mm28 Portable Speakers
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Kategorie Lautsprecher
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Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers, 2.0 Kanäle, Silber

Lange zusammenfassende Beschreibung Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers Lautsprecher Silber:
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Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers. Audio Kanäle: 2.0 Kanäle. Produktfarbe: Silber

Audio Kanäle *
Ein Audioausgangskanal ist eine elektrische Schaltung, die als Pfad für ein erzeugtes Signal dient. Ein Gerät kann mehrere Audio-Ausgangskanäle haben.
2.0 Kanäle
Produktfarbe *
Die Farbe z.B. rot, blau, grün, schwarz, weiß.
Beschreibung der Batterie, die mit diesem Produkt geliefert wird
Anzahl unterstützter Batterien
Die Anzahl der Batterien, die mit dem Produkt verwendet werden können.
Maximale Lebensdauer der Batterie in Stunden. Mobile Mark ™ (2002) ist der Standard der oft zur Bewertung der Batterielebensdauer verwendet wird. In einigen Fällen kann Lebensdauer der Batterie durch Hinzufügen zusätzlicher Batterien verlängert werden.
45 h
Weitere Spezifikationen
Eigenschaften des Geräts.
Tragbare Lautsprecher
Netzteil Ausgangsspannung
100 V
Weitere Anschlüsse
Eine Schnittstelle auf einem Gerät, an welches Sie ein anderes Gerät anschließen können.
3.5mm stereo input
Quelle Testseek Zusammenfassung Durchschnittliche Bewertung
2011-10-03 23:37:05
Testseek has collected 15 expert reviews for Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers loudspeaker Silver and the average expert rating is 77 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use Testseek to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
Quelle Bewertungskommentare Ergebnis
2011-10-03 23:36:56
Logitech’s mm28 speaker system was actually designed with portable MP3 players in mind, but its unusual design makes it a good choice for laptop users as well. Instead of two separate stereo speakers, the mm28 uses a compact and lightweight flat-pan...
Gut Compact, lightweight, good sound, incredibly long battery life...
Schlecht Not quite as loud as some of its rivals, sound loses clarity at high volume...
Bottom line The sound quality is pretty good too, although it doesn’t have the sheer power of the more expensive Boomtube. Even so, it’s more than loud enough for presentations or for playing some tunes outdoors. The mm28 can run off the mains, but there&...
2011-11-05 12:50:55
A great speaker unit for anyone who needs a portable audio system...
Gut Good sound for a portable unit, long battery life...
Schlecht Distortion at high volume levels The Final Word A great speaker unit for anyone who needs a portable audio system...
Bottom line A great speaker unit for anyone who needs a portable audio system...
2011-11-05 12:51:00
Jack Cook Like most of you, I have acquired an immense collection of CDs and have enjoyed listening to them over the years. I started the process of being able to Experience Mobility using a Sony Walkman CD player. It was great but carrying a collectio...
2011-10-03 23:37:04
Le mm28 de Logitech se présente sous la forme d’un gros boîtier plat aux extrémités ovales. Sa principale différence avec ses concurrents est d’intégrer des hauts parleurs extra plats issus de la technologie NXT...
Gut Enceintes plates : mm28 car 28 mm d'épaisseur, Design & conception...
Schlecht Aigus très métalliques, Pas de réglage volume...
Bottom line Le mm28 est une solution intéressante, dommage que ses aigus soient un peu trop métalliques...
2011-10-03 23:36:49
$59.99 Thin for portabilityClassic in designRich in sound Like most of you, I have acquired an immense collection of CDs and have enjoyed listening to them over the years. I started the process of being able to Experience Mobility using a Sony Walkman...
2011-10-03 23:36:52
Good audio comes from the combination of a good audio card and a good set of speakers. The modern speaker set is a set of 7.1 speakers that take up a lot of room and need to be positioned correctly to get the best sound. With the invention of devic...
Bottom line I think the Logitech mm28 speakers are excellent for what they are designed for. The end-user that want a supplemental speaker for their laptop or MP3 player will love the mm28. Apple iPod users will love the convenience of the mm28 speakers as they ar...
2011-10-03 23:36:55
Ultra Thin MXT Flat Panel Technology speakers for laptops, MP3 players and anything with a standard headphone socket.
2011-10-03 23:36:57
The Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers are a decent set of speakers that have barebones features and great battery life.
Gut Compatible with any device with a “headphones” output 3.5mm jack built-in Battery and AC powered...
Schlecht Distortion at higher volumes No volume control...
Bottom line Logitech has produced a decent portable speaker that enables many people to now showcase their audio to friends and family with consistent quality and volume. If you need to pump music out really loud, however, stay away and move to a different configu...
2011-10-03 23:36:58
At just 11.4 by 4.5 by 1.2 inches, the Logitech mm28 is a marvel of modern technology. Using NXTs flat-panel speaker technology, Logitech has created a portable speaker that sounds remarkably rich and full for its size, and at $65 (street), its a b...
Gut Very good sound quality. Very thin. Easy to set up. Includes international AC adapter.
Schlecht Bass distorts at higher volumes. No volume controls on the speaker itself.
Bottom line If youre a traveler looking for a portable speaker for hotel-room listening, or you just need something tiny for your office, this very affordable and compact speaker has a sound that belies its size...
2011-10-03 23:36:59
Every day things are becoming more and more portable. With laptops and phones getting smaller people are able to take more things with them. Most portable speakers out today are good, but do not perform like our home systems. And of course we want to t...
Gut Great Sound Quality, Extremely portable, Integrated Speaker Cover, Easy setup...
Schlecht Short connection wire...
Bottom line If this review was just based on sound quality then I would give these speakers a higher rating but we have to go over all the aspects of the product. The biggest problem with these speakers is the connection wire is way too short. You will have probl...
2011-10-03 23:37:05
No its not a case for reading glasses, this is the latest in portable speaker technology from Logitech. Wafer thin and with a 45 hour battery life the MM28 system can work with any MP3 or DAB system.
2014-03-20 04:46:44
Logitech is one of the world leaders in PC consumer electronics including pointing devices, keyboards, speakers, webcams, headsets, and the list goes on and on. I think just about everyone out there is using, or has at one time used, one of Logit...
Bottom line Honestly, I cant say enough about these . They are just so handy to have in a "quality sound pinch" (yes I just made that up). The ability to run extended periods of time on 4 AA batteries, and not be restricted to another DC power adapter, really...
2011-10-03 23:36:48
Logitech högtalare MM28Logitech högtalare MM28 Dessa högtalare är mycket användbara. Du behöver bara koppla in dem till din Mp3 spelare eller annan apparat, som spelar musik eller video, och sedan välja en låt från mp3, en film eller liknande...
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